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it was sabotage tax. >> it's too early to tell. we believe it was an intentional act. certainly the high-powered rifle bearing at transformers was intentional and the cutting of the power and fiber-optic cables was intentional. >> sabotage is a big word, and there's no excuse for it. >> authorities out here are asking folks to conserve energy, but so far, bg and the reports they have not had any loss of power. >> thank you. >>> the judge dealing with the alleged sexual assault case of audrey potter has ended down the stern old order to attorneys and the girl's family. audrey potter parents are now going after the owners of the home where the assault took place. >> a judge appointed board, coupled the families and attorneys to keep quiet as they went to juvenile court today. >> everything has to stay confidential. >> the 360 -year-old boys accused of sexual assault are no longer at the juvenile detention center. we are also learning more as audrey's parents are suing the boy's families and also the owners of the home of the assault allegedly happened. court documents say those parents le
volunteer fire department in san jose is typical. it receives no tax money and survives only on hand me downs from other departments and contributions from the community. in san jose, len ramidas, kpix5. >>> a heavy police presence at pg and e substations. what's behind the increased security? >> it shouldn't be happening. period. it shouldn be happening. >> anger as cities were guarded piling up. why trash collection stopped again. >>> weather outside today certainly did not stink. it was just about perfect. we have upper 40s and low 50s overnight tonight. oakland tomorrow morning, 50. vallejo 49. wait until you see how warm we'll get in the forecast. details next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, following the sabotage of a south bay substation. todayy up security >>> tonight, pg and e is not following any chances following the sabotage of a substation. they are beefing up security at several bay area facilities. heavily armed police and patrol cars could be seen guarding the newark substation. someone cut fiberoptic cables and used a rifle to shut out five transforters in san jose on tuesday. pg and e
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2